Technology Traineeship

At ML6, we strive to accelerate the careers of exceptional talent

With our Technology Traineeship, we offer promising master graduates with a passion for technology the chance to make the absolute most of their talent with an 18-month consulting traineeship! You’ll get the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in a dynamic and innovative environment, while working with some of the best and brightest minds in AI in Europe.

During the traineeship, you will work with leading clients across different industries, fulfill multiple functions in a local and international setting, manage projects and teams and make decisions that have a direct & tangible impact on our business. You’ll be a part of different teams and units within ML6 and will get to know the ins & outs of our business from different angles. We’ll provide plenty of challenges and development opportunities to offer you a steep learning curve, kick-start your career in technology consulting and prepare you for a future position at ML6. We are looking for diverse talent who share our values and want to make an impact on business and society.

We love to join forces with companies who share the love for technology and innovation. Organizations who want to quickly build AI capabilities and that believe in collaborative innovation to bring in new ideas and stay on top of the latest evolutions in technology.

The role

What can you expect?

Two-week “Onboarding Bootcamp” with the other trainees

BD Unit: 6 months in a Sales Associate role: help generate new business opportunities, drive lead generation campaigns, conduct customer meetings and identify new opportunities to create value with AI

Labs Unit: 6 months as a customer engineer in which you’ll learn how to further scope AI opportunities, design functional AI solutions and build high-quality proposals

Delivery Unit: 6 months being a PM on smaller projects, focusing on building trusted relationships with our clients, realizing business impact with our work and overseeing project deliverables and client communication

Traineeship final project: “end-of-program presentation” to the unit you would like to join


Do you have what it takes?

Number 1 requirement: you are in for a challenge!

You have a graduate or master’s degree and maximum 2 years work experience. You don't need a technical background.

You are interested in innovation, technology and AI/ML.

You are entrepreneurial, curious and willing to learn.

You like to work in teams and easily make connections.

You are a problem-solver.

You can’t wait to show us you have the sales drive, courage and empathy it takes to become a future leader.


What we offer

Join a fast-growing technology company

A flexible experience & environment where you're free to define your own growth path with the support of your coach and mentor

An innovative environment focused on knowledge building and sharing

A healthy work environment with a focus on well-being, connectivity, feedback, and open communication

An optimized compensation package which we will keep competitive over time

An open-ended contract

The opportunity to work abroad

Global team events - twice a year

Is this the challenge you’ve been waiting for?
Send us your CV and cover letter. Perhaps you’ll be part of our International Group of Trainees of 2022
What is it?

Learn more about the Traineeship

Our ML6 Traineeship Programme is the best induction into the world of AI, machine learning and ML6. It fast-tracks the careers of the brightest, most driven university graduates with a passion for technology. Through a 6 month rotation, we offer in-depth exposure to our clients, business, projects and team.

To develop a deep understanding of our business and company, you’ll be immersed in our business development, labs and delivery unit. You can even do these projects abroad, if circumstances allow. After these three rotations, you start in your permanent role, which we can decide together after your traineeship based on your personal interests and ambitions.

By working within different units within ML6, you’ll get the opportunity to experience and make impact on our clients, projects and processes from a different angle. You’ll get to know the team, our structure and the ins and outs of our business.

We create an environment that allows you to discover, and develop your own potential - even abroad, if you want to. We provide you with all the facilities you need to get the best out of yourself. You’ll be in charge of shaping your own career but will be supported along the way by your buddies, mentor, HR Business partner and unit coaches. You’re guaranteed to learn a lot and discover a lot - about AI, ML6 and yourself.

who is it for?

We’re looking for ML6 DNA

The traineeship is available in the following countries


Your journey

Onboarding Bootcamp

The traineeship will be kicked off with a two-week onboarding bootcamp. The bootcamp will be hosted at one of our ML6 offices where you’ll be able to connect with your fellow trainees.

You’ll be immersed in the ML6 strategy, way of working and will learn the basics around AI and ML.

First rotation

Our Business Development unit’s purpose is to generate new opportunities to create impact with AI and to generate revenue for ML6. You’ll join the team as a Sales Associate.

You’ll drive outbound lead generation campaigns in growth markets AND will help the us build brand awareness and generate inbound leads in local markets through events and content marketing together with the marketing team. You’ll learn how to conduct first meetings with potential customers to show how we can help them innovate. You’ll help our Sales Consultants identify and shape new AI Opportunities at clients and will help them write high-quality proposals.

Second rotation

Our Labs unit is facing the biggest challenges across all industries within Europe, in a vibrant and challenging market of the future to serve the clients the best possible AI solutions.

The customer engineer advises and goes shoulder-to-shoulder with the Sales unit. The customer engineer is responsible for technical sales discussions, delivering relevant AI enablement service offerings (e.g. workshops, data reviews, webinars) and timely and qualitative proposal support. The customer engineer aligns with the delivery team regarding proposal estimates & technological feasibility. The customer engineer is responsible for designing new offerings, workshop materials, marketing content and demos.

Third rotation

To help our customers achieve their objectives we have our Delivery unit with the project managers to support our engineering teams in building the best possible AI-driven solutions.

As a project manager you make sure that the goals and outcomes of your project are closely aligned with the needs and wishes of the client while monitoring resources, timelines and technological requirements. You will work with teams of highly-talented machine learning engineers delivering cutting-edge AI solutions at the fastest-growing Belgian AI company according to Deloitte’s Fast Fifty.

Application Process

Our selection process is designed to make sure you’re the right fit for our programme, but also to ensure we are the right fit for you.
You will meet the different people who will support & guide you during your Traineeship.

Here’s what you can expect:

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